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Woman resting on yoga mat in YogAcu Workshop
Group of individuals practicing qigong in Qigong Workshop
Woman meditating while sitting on a fallen tree

YogAcu Workshop
Using the principles of Chinese Medicine, we explore yoga postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to clear, strengthen, and balance the Five Elements, yin and yang, energy, and meridians in the body.  The workshop begins with a discussion of the elements, seasons and foods to help transition into the seasons followed by specific yoga poses and breathing techniques to bring in the elemental aspects of courage, kindness, calm, thoughtfulness, and integrity.  Class ends with an extended relaxation with the option of ear acupuncture needles or vaccaria seeds in the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol points. The NADA protocol is used worldwide, and uses up to 5 acupuncture needles or seeds in each ear.  Some of the benefits of the NADA protocol include reduced anxiety and stress, improved sleep, and increased calmness. 
Check back soon for more information on our next YogAcu Workshop, or please call 904.616.4934..

Qigong Workshop


Qigong movements, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to achieve a specific purpose including balancing our qi or energy to prevent disease, and enhance our health.  Workshop begins with a discussion about qigong, and the qigong movements and breathing techniques that will be taught in the workshop.  Class ends with an extended relaxation of sleeping qigong with the option of a mini medical qigong session for each of the students during the relaxation.  Medical qigong is an energetic healing form that balancing the qi in the body, enriches any areas that are deficient, and releases any areas that are blocked or excessive.  


Check back soon for more information on our next Qigong Workshop, or please call 904.616.4934.

Meditation Workshop


Meditation is the inward focus of attention of the mind and breath that may allow one to perceive the deeper and subtler layers of the body, mind, spirit.  Workshop includes

discussions about the different forms of meditation; the physiology, psychology, and science behind meditation and breath work; common misconceptions and challenges; and its benefits.  We then explore the meditation and breathing practices discussed.


Check back soon for more information on our next Meditation Workshop, or please call 904.616.4934.      

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