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Telehealth represents the use of telecommunication technologies to provide healthcare services, and client and professional health-related education.  Virtual appointments are available using video conferencing.  These virtual appointments allow the client to receive care from the practitioner when an in-person session is not required or possible.  These healthcare services may include:  the consultation, treatment, and monitoring of a client.  More recently, we have seen the integration and use of Telehealth due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).



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Types of Telehealth 


At Lotus Center of Healing, LLC, we offer several Telehealth healthcare services. Specifically, these services include:


  • Initial acupuncture consultation.  The acupuncture treatment is then provided in the office  

  • Initial Chinese herbal consultation, and subsequent herbal follow-up appointments 

  • Initial Medical Qigong session, and subsequent Medical Qigong sessions

  • Private yoga, qigong, and meditation classes 


We also offer several Telehealth health-related education.  Specifically, these include Chinese medicine approaches to:


  • Dietary guidelines

  • Lifestyle counseling 

  • Integrating Western medicine tests and findings with traditional techniques to promote health and well-being

Who Can Benefit from Telehealth?

The general benefits include:  improving the quality, accessibility and efficiency of healthcare to more people. Specifically, Telehealth can:


  • Improve access to healthcare especially for specialized providers

  • Help to reduce healthcare and transportation costs

  • Support traditional face-to-face medicine and education

  • Empower and engage clients in their healthcare

  • Aid in increasing overall good health


What to Expect in a Telehealth Session

Each visit lasts approximately 1 hour.  For each of these sessions, the practitioner provides guidance regarding the virtual appointment, process, and payment.  Rates and packages are based on the healthcare services and health-related education provided.  


During the session, any changes to your health, body systems, and main goals are discussed, and followed by the treatment and / or education.  

Local and Long Distance Telehealth Sessions

Telehealth sessions involve the same level of treatment as in-person sessions with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance considerations.  These virtual appointments are performed with the client in the comfort and quiet of their home, and with the practitioner and client communicating over the phone or video conferencing.  Telehealth sessions are available for those that may or may not be in the Jacksonville area.   

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