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Clients share their thoughts and experiences regarding treatments with the Lotus Center of Healing, LLC.  These experiences focus on AcupunctureMedical Qigong, TelehealthYoga, and Multiple Modalities including Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Medical Qigong, and Yoga




Stress, borderline hypertension, and complex menstruation issues
I began seeing Joy for acupuncture to address issues of stress, borderline hypertension, and complex menstrual problems.  Although this was my first experience with acupuncture, Joy put me at ease with her gentle "bedside manner" and her willingness to answer any question that came up during the treatment process (and there were many!).  I began noticing the calming effects of my treatment immediately.  After several treatments, I noticed that my blood pressure was stabilizing, and that my menstrual cycles improved dramatically.  I would highly recommend Joy for anyone who is interested in exploring oriental medicine. - Melissa  

General wellness
Joy is a heart centered practitioner with immense compassion, warmth, and non-judgment.  These attributes make it possible for her to easily create a sacred space for healing to occur.  Her deep understanding of the Five Element Tradition coupled with her gentle needling technique assure a very effective and powerful treatment.  I have great respect for her and the deepest gratitude for the regenerative treatments I received. - June 

Put off trying acupuncture forever
Joy's approach to healing and wellness is comforting and soothing.  I've put off trying acupuncture forever, and it has proven to be something I wished I hadn't waited to do.  And having Joy to share the experience with has been awesome! - Karen

Monica standing by her son Nils on slide

Monica and her son, Nils


Conjunctivitis and acute sinus infection

I was visiting my parents for Christmas from London when I had the misfortune of getting conjunctivitis in both eyes and a severe sinus infection.  The old me would have taken antibiotic drops in my eyes and enough Sinutab to sedate an elephant.  I am more informed now and also breastfeeding my son so that approach was not an option.  I contacted Joy on Friday evening at 5:30 based on a recommendation from a friend.  Joy called me back within 10 minutes and made time to see me that evening.   She saw me for almost two hours taking care with every needle and letting me rest because I had such a severe sinus headache.  I went and saw Joy the next day again and was already feeling better.  I saw her a third time before I was due to travel back to London with my son.  I had the slightest twinge of congestion ‘squeak’ on the plane during descent but other than this I was well thanks to Joy.  She healed me from agony to functioning within one day and to well and able to fly within four days. Joy also mentioned a possible kidney and blood deficiency that my acupuncturist confirmed when I saw her on my return to London. My acupuncturist in London was trained in China and has been practicing for over 20 years and Joy had only seen me twice in an acute situation.  I cannot recommend Joy highly enough.  She is careful, thoughtful and a very skilled and insightful practitioner. - Monica


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Medical Qigong


Seeking Optimum Health

Over the past few months, I have been preparing for a personal journey to optimize my health. I have always considered exercise and eating healthy foods as the primary means to obtaining and maintaining good health. I recently learned of a diagnosis which may challenge my usual methods and provide me with an opportunity to seek out more enriched forms of strengthening mind, body and health! 


I began searching the internet for local Yoga classes and acupuncture sessions and then found an article about medical Qigong which I immediately connected with. I was truly grateful when I found Joy’s website and read about her experience with medical Qigong. I scheduled my first appointment with her and I have been absolutely amazed with the results. Joy has a true gift which she is capable of transferring to others in healing ways. She is an excellent listener and educator as well, and offers the time and caring to ensure comfort and relaxation in an optimum healing environment.


I have continued with weekly sessions during this initial stage of healing. At times I am unable to put into words the incredible experience of energy flow and healing awareness, and at other times, I am clearly focused and understanding of specific, well defined techniques that ensure the mind and body’s responses. I am confident that anyone can benefit from Joy’s Qigong sessions. It becomes a personal journey which is facilitated as a team – Joy is a true professional and I am grateful for her healing strength. - Lucy 

True understanding of where I needed to work on myself
Medical Qigong really helped me unearth the root of what I was feeling at that time.  Things surfaced that I wasn't even aware were related to my current state of mind.  I felt an opening, a release and a clearing--- it was amazing.  Joy's ability to hold the space and facilitate the treatment only further increased the ability for my tears to pour out, and the freedom and clarity afterwards was so refreshing.  The medical qigong treatments really helped bring a true understanding of where I needed to work on myself, but also what the true voice of self was asking inside for me to be on my path to true health and destiny.  The questions were truly answered and the sacred space allowed it all to sink in.  Joy is an amazing practitioner and her dedication to the practice and spirituality shines through bright and clear in every treatment I shared with her. - Nicole   

Joy is amazing, personally and professionally. I cannot express enough her natural talent for holistic healing. Not knowing much about Medical Qigong, I scheduled an appointment with her a week or so in advance to see what it is about. I spent eight hours that day and the day before painting my house. I was exhausted when I arrived for my appointment but left refreshed and energized. It was an awesome experience because of both Joy and the Medical Qigong. Before we started, Joy explained in detailed exactly what she would be doing and made sure that I understood and felt comfortable. Through the treatment, I gradually began to feel more and more relaxed and could actually feel the energy moving through my body as she worked with it! The feeling was unbelievable! After the treatment, Joy spoke with me a length to explain what she did and to answer all questions I had. I not only left the appointment feeling relaxed yet energized, but maintained this feeling for several days afterwards. Joy really opened my eyes to the importance of keeping your energy balanced and got me so enthused about incorporating Qigong into my life. I have since taken a seminar on Medical Qigong and practice it daily. I whole-heartedly recommend Joy. She is an amazing, genuine person and practitioner. - Lisa 


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Incorporating some remote sessions for years
We are a couple who have been clients of Joy's for about 10 years.  We love Joy for many reasons, but in treatment, we appreciate her expertise, detailed approach and careful explanation of treatments utilized.  I have been incorporating some remote Medical Qigong for many years.  My husband had also experienced some remote sessions.  So, when COVID hit, it was a natural transition to Telehealth sessions.  We find Joy's Telehealth sessions to be similar to an in-person visit.  We would explain the experience as a very deep meditation.  During the meditation, we often see colors, feel sensations in our bodies and even the sense of being touched.  It is very personalized, pleasant and effective.  We strongly recommend Telehealth sessions with Joy.  - Linda and Steve


Wonderful and effective alternative to in-office treatment
I am a client of Joy's and have been receiving regular acupuncture treatments for over 10 years.  When Joy was not able to provide in-office treatments because of COVID-19 she presented the option of a Telehealth visit which I decided to try out.  Joy provided me information prior to the Telehealth session so that I would be prepared and know what to expect.  The session took place virtually and Joy walked me step by step through the treatment process.  During the treatment, I felt the same or similar physical effects of an in-office treatment and it was very calming.  I didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised.  The Telehealth visits are a wonderful and effective alternative to an in-office treatment. - Leslie


Stress management and seasonal allergies
I have been an acupuncture client and herbal medicine client of Joy's for about six years.  I've always appreciated her expertise, thoughtful insight, and honesty.  When she had to close the office because of the pandemic, she offered a Telehealth option.  Though I was a bit skeptical, I decided to try Medical Qigong.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  The Telehealth Qigong sessions have helped me maintain calm focus and feel less pulled in different directions.  The combination of Qigong and herbal treatment has been especially helpful for stress management and seasonal allergies.  Joy provides clear guidance before, during, and after each virtual visit.  Her procedure for client pick-up of herbal remedies is very convenient, with total social distancing and sanitation protocols in place.  This has been a very positive experience and an effective alterative to in-office appointments. - Alison 


Much more relaxed and centered

The gift of my Telehealth treatments with Joy have proven to be even more beneficial than being in her office physically.  I am much more relaxed and centered when our session begins and never leave my relaxed state when the session is complete.  Tongue and facial diagnostics as well as voice quality, consciousness, and spirit and emotions are much more in alignment with my true condition.  I feel safe and connected during these private sessions.  Joy listens to my needs and shares dietary advice and exercises that are part of my "homework".  The spiritual and emotional quality of healing far exceeds any physical treatment.  It takes me to a higher level of allowing my body, emotions and consciousness to heal in a gestalt wholeness.  Telehealth sessions protect you and Joy from any virus and should be tried by all to see how powerful the results are. - Deb   


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Wonderfully talented yoga instructor
Joy is a wonderfully talented yoga instructor. Joy instructed my wife and me for several months with positive and long lasting results. On a daily basis, I find myself invoking a lesson or advice she shared with us. Her warm and positive sprite are infectious and uplifting and her insight into ones physical and spiritually outlook is truthful and healing. - Robert

Charming and caring nature
I approached Joy with the possibility of her teaching a yoga class (which thankfully she said yes to!)  It is so important in the healing arts to trust a teacher.  I felt confident I would feel safe with the well-being and instruction of our students.  Joy has done a wonderful job with the classes.  Her charming and caring nature keeps her students interested and very comfortable.  They love her and keep coming back for more!  Joy is not only very skilled at the practice of yoga, she is also a treasure to watch.  She is so serene and graceful, and a beautiful "physical" example of the art she embodies.  She is responsible, on time, very competent and all those qualities we look for in someone working in our businesses. - Cynthia


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Multiple Modalities - Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Medical Qigong, and Yoga

My quality of life before acupuncture was miserable.  Thanks to the good practice of Joy my life changed.  I am much, much more calm now.  My family knows as soon as I walk in the door when I have been in the acupuncturist office.  And, I noticed a difference immediately after my first treatment.  On the day of my acupuncture treatment, I usually have no desire to do anything, but after each treatment I feel positive and willing to do things.  Joy also customized Chinese herbs for me that were extremely helpful for relaxation.  Thanks to this herbal formula and her acupuncture treatments, I am no longer using anti-depressant drugs.  For ten years, I was using all kinds of drugs:  Zoloft, Lexapro, Buspar, etc... Thanks to Joy and her treatments I am free of drugs.  Acupuncture and herbs are the alternative medicine to change anyone's life.  Joy is a complete healer; with her, I learned the positive reception of other healing methods like yoga and Medical Qigong.  I recommend to anyone to see Joy and discover the magic of Five Element Acupuncture. - Antonio

Western medicine failed me
After western medicine had failed me, I turned to Joy and her holistic healing practices.  Joy is a competent and compassionate healer.  She introduced me to acupuncture, herbs, and yoga...all of which changed my life. - Hope 

Keep energy high and stress down
Joy has helped me both as an Acupuncture Physician and as a Medical Qigong Therapist. She treats me about once a month and helps me to keep my energy levels high and my stress levels down. Recently, with one treatment, she helped me to overcome a lingering sinus and chest cold. In my opinion as a fellow Acupuncturist, Joy is a wonderful practitioner who is very skilled and thorough. - Felicia

Within treatments, relief was apparent visually and emotionally
Within five minutes of meeting Joy, I knew that she had what it would take to deal with my strong "wood element" personality! Soon after our meeting, she began to provide me with clarification and healing through acupuncture and Chinese herbs, which I never experienced before. I originally went with the intention of exploring acupuncture as a means to help rid my face of an almost cystic-like acne problem. I had been dealing with this issue for years and nothing seemed to work! Within the first few treatments, relief was apparent; both visually on my face and emotionally inside! Seven months later, I rarely form any type of lump on my face and my emotions have been the most stable in my life! It can only get better from here! 

Through Joy's thorough knowledge as a Chinese medicine practitioner, I was able to learn and comprehend what some of my root issues and problems are caused by and how everything is related. Joy has helped me to understand my choices, fears, decisions, and provides honest, healing answers that I have not received from any other source. She never lets me down by not being able to answer one of the endless questions I always seem to have about life, Chinese medicine, and all the other topics I dream up! I have only the utmost respect and admiration for Joy as both an amazing, genuine person and Acupuncture Physician; she has the power and ability to change your life forever. I have an endless amount of gratitude for Joy because of the positive impact she has had on my life! Her YogAcu and Qigong classes are also a fun and wonderful time to heal and open perspectives about yourself and the world around you. Who knew going to the acupuncturist would be so fun? Thanks Joy! - Katie 

Lifetime of Lyme Disease and Western Medicine
After a lifetime of suffering the effects of Lyme Disease and Western Medicine treating only my symptoms, I was relieved to meet Joy. For the first time ever I was able to discuss my symptoms and connect them to this disease. Over the past 9 months my life has changed profoundly. Joy is an incredible practitioner. She is smart, intuitive, kind and thoughtful. Each time I enter her office I learn so many new things, and when I leave the healing the changes are obvious to myself and those around me. Acupuncture has truly allowed me to heal in ways I could not have predicted BUT Joy is absolutely to thank for this. Her work style and commitment to her clients and her practice is honorable. I can not thank Joy enough and recommend her to everyone that will listen. - Krista


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