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Raw Chinese herbs

Chinese herbs are often customized and used to support an individual's health either for acute illness or for chronic conditions.  Chinese herbalism views the body as a delicate balance of two opposing and inseparable forces:  yin and yang.  Yin represents receptivity, while yang represents activity.  All of life is a complex interplay of yin and yang.  Chinese herbs take into account this complexity and address it using bio-active substances.  These substances come from the medicinal aspects of plants, minerals, shells, insects, or animals.  The medicinal parts are harvested or extracted, and then used in teas, pills, capsules, lozenges, powders, ointments, and liquid tinctures.  


Product Quality


We only offer the finest herb products.  These Chinese herbs meets rigorous standards of testing and clinical effectiveness.  Our herb products are selected from companies that comply with Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) standards, or International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirements.    

Who Can Benefit from Chinese Herbs?


Some of the issues that Chinese Herbs address include:


  • Allergies

  • Asthma

  • Colds / Flu / Infections

  • Digestive Issues

  • Headaches

  • Insomnia

  • Pain

  • Skin Conditions

  • Women's and Men's Health

  • And many more


The most powerful herbal remedies are prepared by a qualified Chinese herbalist, and carefully combine herbs specifically tailored to meet the needs of the individual.


What to Expect in a Chinese Herbal Session


When not combined with acupuncture, each visit last approximately 1 hour.  During the first session, information is gathered regarding your health history, and body systems; and a Chinese medicine physical exam is conducted.  From this information, a Chinese herbal remedy is determined.


The subsequent visits review any changes to your health, body systems, and main goals.  These changes help to determine any adjustments to your Chinese herbs.


Local and Long Distance Chinese Herbal Sessions

For those that are local to the Jacksonville area, Chinese herbal sessions are available in Joy's office.  For those that are not local to the Jacksonville area, long distance Chinese herbal sessions are also available.  Long distance Chinese herbal sessions involve the same level of treatment as local sessions.  These long distance treatments are performed with the client in the comfort and quiet of their home, and with the practitioner and client communicating over the phone or video conferencing.  

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